Hello I’m Ono of the flower team.
I think every here ...One here has passed a while.

How was your 2017year?


The work of the flower in PREO from this spring was very fun!

It was happy one year among a good friend and the kind bosses!

I want to do my best so that it is happy one year in 2018 !

Finally Full Fledged winter has come.

Outside view is pure white with snow.

Please enjoy the flowers in the house.

How is it that you guys spend their own flowers

is full of colorful New Year arrangements and pretty succlent  plants.

  • お正月 アレンジ
  • お正月 アレンジ
  • お正月 アレンジ
  • DSCN1445
  • DSCN1447
  • お正月 アレンジ
  • お正月 アレンジ

I´d like to start 2018 with my favorite coffee and cake and ornamental plants.

Hope you have a good year too




The first sale from January 4days 10:00 am.

You want to consider deleting the PREO also next year

thank you for your attention!

see you again!…